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2016 Trophy Winners:

  Friday 12/02/16  
    Thyme Trophy Tierney Campbell, Mae Batchelor and Serena Newell
    The Chaffinch Trophy Holly Timings-Thompson
    The Audley Trophy Erin Cassidy
    The Heron Cup Lucy Astill
  Saturday 13/02/16  
    The Kerby Cup Makennon Hunter
    The Swan Cup Jasmine Feng
    The Chervil Cup Serena Newell
    Character B Solo Olivia McCaffrey
    Mint Cup 1st Stage
    Watford Cup Isabella Rossington
    Dreams Trophy 1st Stage
    Warwick Printing Trophy 1st Stage
    Delieu Trophy Holly Timmings-Thompson
    The Lark Trophy Erin Cassidy
    Milan Cup 1st Stage
  Sunday 14/02/16  
    B Tap novice Mae Paine
    The Heather Cup Layla Taylor White
    Modern Cup A Makonnen Hunter
    De Burnays Cup Serena Newell
    D Song and Dance Izzy Davies
    The Mallard Cup Gigi Granger
    The Dutton Cup Dance Studios
    The Rutland Cup Adella Hunter
    Neve Campbell Award Mae Paine and Jasmine Feng
    The Sheridan Cup Emily Pearce
    The Kyte Cup Evie Mckeown
    Merlin Cup Mae Batchelor
    Festival Cup Alisha Skevington
    May Ann Cup Shelby White
    Classical group Award First Stage
    Senior Ballet F Cup Shelby White
  Monday 15/02/16 Main Hall  
    The Modern Cup Eva Rose Fellows
    The Walton Cup Maribel Loy
    The Dominique Trophy Evie Brailsford
    Modern Novice C Charlie Wallis
    Ozzie Award Ella Batchelor, Alisha Skevington and Erin Cassidy
    Tattershall Trophy Erin Cassidy
    Premier Cup Olivia Mccaffery
    Pirouette Cup Heidi Fletcher Smith, Niamh Spencer and Isabella Lacovara
    Norma Trophy Erin Cassidy and Alisha Skevington
    Classical Trio Award Ella Batchelor, Erin Cassidy and Alisha Skevington
    Timings Trophy Olivia Turki
    Sue Latham Award Rosie Dorsett
    Lyrical Open Cup Lucy Astill
    Townson Cup Georgina Thorpe
  Monday 15/02/16 Theatre  
    Novice A Character Solo Scarlett Bailey Walker
    Bantam Cup Poppy Fawcett
    Rainbow Trophy Thea Perry
    NoviceTap Award Isabella Rossington
    Poppy Cup Sara Coulstock
    Inter A Cabaret Duet Cup Olivia Turki and Mia Loydall
    Tippy Toes Cup Matilda Johnston
    Lisa Pearman Trophy Gigi Grainger
    Glen Cup Henry Haylock
    Ebony Cup Millie Dixon
    Fonteyn Award Mae Batchelor
    Kettle Cup Delicia Johnston
    JK Cup Delicia Johnston
    Derwent Cup Safia Coulstock, Thea Perry and Cherokee Taylor
    Senior Cabaret Trio Award Cara Bostock, Lauren Bostock and Grace Cunningham.
  Tuesday 16/02/16  
    The Starling Trophy Paisley Poyle
    Kerry Robinson Cup Ena Vllasaliv
    Pointe Award Serena Newell
    Tapestry Cup Serena Newell
    The Walton trophy Niamh Eagles
    Robinson Hall Mae Paine
    Cabaret Duet Cup Serena Newell and Katie Kybird
    Jade Street Memorial Ena Vllasaliv and Bryher Alcock
    West End Award Cara Bostock
    Air Trophy Katie Kybird
    Murphy Cup Lauren Coyle and Evie Mckeown
    Lyrical Novice Cup Holly Timmings-Thompson
    Crocus Cup Cara Bostock
    Adjudicators Trophy Erin Cassidy and Ella Batchelor
    The Sage Trophy Shelby White
  Wednesday 17/02/16  
    Locke Cup Katie Kybird
    Clover Cup Tierney Campbell
    Lavender Cup Olivia Turki
    C Character Solo Award Keesha Ramkelawon
    Little Venice Cup Daisy Stonier and Maia Longson
    Tagg Trophy Serena Newell
    Little Robin Cup Thea Perry
    Buxton Award Neve McGuiness-Dyce
    Little Sparrow Cup Tierney Campbell, Serena Newell and Mae Batchelor
    St. Patrick's Award Joseph Tobin
    Colsterworth Cup Erin Cassidy
    Natalya Kumar-Lee Memorial Trophy Erin Cassidy
    BURSARY AWARD Mia Loydall
Schools Day    
  Friday 26/02/16  
    KS2 instrumental ensemble Barrowby School
    Newton Cup Barkston School
    Recorder Cup Colsterworth School
    KS1 vocal ensemble Barrowby School
    KS2 vocal ensemble Barrowby School
    Choral Cup South Witham School
    KS2 choral Speaking Barrowby School
    KS2 Educational Dance South Witham School
    Growler Shield Barrowby School
  Friday 26/02/16  
    Stardust Oscar Tomas Miller
    Animation Oscar Oliver and Harriet Bailey
    Hollywood Oscar Louis Grevatte
    M.G.M. Oscar George Carder, Lloyd Jackson and Jack Winn
  Saturday 27/02/16 Methodist Church  
    Headlands Trophy Isaac Kendon
    Trek Trophy Priyaa Gupta
    Howitt Cup Thomas Quine
    Lilly Cup Thea Batey
    Prep Test Jasmine White
    Quilty Cup Holly Riordan
    Water Trophy Meredith Marsh
    Endeavour and Excellence Hester Parkin
    Kingswood Builders Lily Threapleton
    Chambers Cup Hester Parkin
    Grade 2 cup Cerys Arthurs
    Best Recorder Award Joshua Chapman
    Harecastle Trophy Rhiannon and Sian Morgan-Plowright
    East Midlands Sound and Light Trophy Anita Wong
  Saturday 27/02/16 - Village Hall  
    Foxton Cup Lillian Morris
    Stables Trophy KGGS
    Little Star Richard Barter
    Alice Trophy Lillian Morris
    Dunelm Cup Mariella Morris
    Wright Cup Emma Purse
    Globe Award Sophie Chapman
    Olivier Cup Joshua Chapman
    Belton Cup Grace Moxon
    Cursive Cup Libby Duffin
  Saturday 27/02/16 - Village Hall  
    Cas trophy Agatha Parkin
    Walton Cup Matilda Johnston
    Ivory Cup Joshua Chapman
    Instrumental Ensemble trophy Oasby ensemble
    Kerby cup Nadia Potter
    Market Cross Nadia Potter and Brandon Gibbons
    Locke Cup Oasby Music Group years 7-9
    Grade 3 cup Zach Batey
    Grade 4 Amelia Whitfield
    Grade 5 Botanicals cup Nadia Potter
  Sunday 28/02/16  
    Happy Days trophy Lorriena Leeson
    Mrs Mickey Jasmine Bish
    Disney Wizard 2 Lily Owen
    Mickey 2 Sophie Chapman
    Daisy Cup Lorriena Leeson and Florence Watchorn
    Verulam Cup Alan Greenslade and Carolyn Rossiter
    West End Nadia Potter
    Song Bird Orla Tagg
    Vocalist Trophy Lorriena Leeson
    Millennium Bowl Anne Samuel
    Elland Cup Luca Leeson
    Mickey 1 Nadia Potter
    Big Mick Melody Parker and Orla Tagg
    Millstone Cup Anne Samuel and Richard Hield
    Vanilla Cup Carolyn Rossiter


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Our Website has undergone a revamp - we hope this will make online entry a little easier.
N.B. The entry tab now works by ALPHABETICAL order, rather than the order in which classes appear in the Schedule.






Festival Information

The Colsterworth Festival of Performing Arts (also known as the Colsterworth Festival) has been an annual event since 1997; it takes place over 3 weeks during February each year.  It celebrates Music, Dance, Drama and Film making for individuals and groups, attracting entrants from counties across the East Midlands region. 

The Dance section takes place at Walton Girls High School in Grantham over the Spring half term break, and now extends to nearly 6 days of competition, whilst the Music, Drama, Film and Schools sections take place within a week or two of that date.  A whole day is set aside for local Schools, showcasing Musical ensembles, Choral Speaking,Drama and Educational Dance, taking place largely during the school day on a Friday. Our Film section is scheduled for the Friday night. The Music and Drama sections follow on over the weekend, in venues in Colsterworth village, featuring classes for individual, duets, trios and groups.